Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen

I had the opportunity to visit Shenzhen and Dongguang to look at some of the resorts and hotels in 2010. Before the trip I had my reservations - China is not exactly known as the first choice for a study tour of great hotels and resorts. Most of the hotels there are huge commercial types targeted at the business traveler or mass travel groups. It was however a pleasant surprise to discover that the hotel scene in China is changing very fast, and in positive ways.

The first hotel we visited was The InterContinental in Shenzhen. To be honest it wasn’t a very good start - this was exactly the type of hotel that I had expected - big, gaudy and impersonal. Though the hotel is huge and impressive size-wise, the design is really out-of-date and kind of strange given its location. It looks more like a typical American neo-classical setup. There was also a strange cow theme running through the entire hotel.

The lobby is big but gaudy.

The pool - like everything in the hotel, is huge. Some parts are quite nicely done and I can imagine relaxing under the sun - if there was any sun, as we visited in Winter.

The rooms were very spacious and nicely laid out. The huge bathroom runs almost the full length of the room, and has a bath next to a huge glass window which looks out onto a wooded park.

After The InterContinental, I wasn't having high hopes for the rest of the visit. But China never fails to pull a few surprises, as you will see in my upcoming posts.


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