Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Dim Sum at InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen

When we arrive at The InterContinental Hotel, it was already way past lunch time. Fortunately the restaurants were still open, and we decided to have dim sum. And guess what ? The dim sums here are really good ! Comparable to the better restaurants in Hong Kong.

The Chinese restaurant here is called El Chino. The decor is thankfully a welcome change from the gaudy lobby. The theme is decidedly Oriental, with dark marble floor, dark wooden trims and red accents. Since it was way past lunch hour - it was completely empty except our table.

Every thing we had was beautifully done and nicely presented. The food standard at InterContinental is truly befitting of its International standards.

Siew Mai.

Crystal Prawn Dumplings - beautifully made.

Pan Fried Radish Cakes with a spicy paste. Nice !

Chinese Pancake with Spring Onions and Bacon.

Prawn Cheong Funs.

Stirfried Kailan - simple but perfectly done.

Beautifully done Roast Goose - as good as some of the best in Hong Kong.

For dessert we had this "Liu Sa Pao". A sweet bun with a filling which oozes out when you bite into it. The filling has a slightly coarse texture - like fine sand, hence the name. It looked beautiful - and was delicious.

If you stay at InterContinental Shenzhen, don't miss dim sum at El Chino. Definitely some of the best dim sums I've had in China.


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