Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Interlaken at Ecoventure Valley

One of the themed areas of the Ecoventure Valley Theme Park is Interlaken - a recreation of the Interlaken tourist town in Switzerland. On a cursory glance, the architecture is quite evocative of the mood it is trying to recreate. But on closer inspection the illusion inevitably falls apart - the details are not quite right, and the finishing is only skin-deep. Anyway - this is a theme park and one shouldn't complain too much.

Interlaken is anchored by a main hotel and spa. It is designed to look like a castle - but can't quite decide whether it is Swiss, German or Italian.

The rest of the areas are mainly shopping streets designed to evoke a village atmosphere. It should be quite pleasant to spend half a day walking through the streets, or drink a cup of coffee at the many European-style cafes.

For me, this is not a place I want to spend too much time in, but I'm sure the kids would love it.


I'm just thinking about how much money it cost to build this, and where did that money come from. China sure has changed since I was last there!

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