Shenzhen & Dongguang 2010 - Dameisha Beach Resort

After our short stay in Shenzhen, we headed off to Dameisha - a beach resort area about one hour's drive to the East of the city. This is a popular holiday spot for the locals, and surprisingly small and compact by China standards. Our main purpose coming here was to look at a few developments, and the added bonus was the Vanke Headquarters which you will see in a future post.

Once you arrive, you can immediately feel the resort atmosphere.The streetscape is greener, the people all look like they are on holiday, and the buildings also have a resorty feel to them - kind of like Brighton Beach in Melbourne or Freemantle in Perth. It was still a bit weird to visit a place in China that is not thronged with people - this being the Winter low season.

In the middle of the town is an outdoor shopping mall built to look like a European town. With the strange mishmash of pseudo-European architecture, it was kind of difficult to make out exactly which part of Europe they were trying to replicate. The place was also completely deserted, which made it feel like a movie set out of an old Western. This was the strangest place we visited on the trip.


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