Kuching Hawker Food - Grace Place

Grace Place is a coffeeshop located at Stutong Commercial Centre. Being not so well known, it is usually not too crowded. This little coffeeshop serves some really nice hawker food.

The laksa here is quite good. It is a standard laksa, but garnished with a lot of fresh parsley and coriander. The broth is flavoured with lemongrass, which is not common for Sarawak Laksa. The taste profile is a bit closer to tom yam soup.

This is Cha Kueh - pan fried white raddish cake seasoned with pepper, garlic and chopped "chai poh" - preserved raddishes. Eggs are normally added. The raddish cake by itself is quite bland, but the rest of the ingredients give this dish a simple savouriness which is great when you are trying to give your tummy a rest from overly rich food.

This is a popular local dessert called "Lek Tau Suan" - essentially cooked mung beans in a sweet thickened soup. The soup is thickened with either sweet potato flour or more commonly water chestnut flour. Pandan leaves are used to flavour the soup, and it is usually sweetened with rock sugar. This is great with "yew cha kueh" - fried dough fritters which gives it a crunchy texture.

A view of the coffeeshop.


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