Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Delicious at Marc Residences

Delicious is part of a successfully chain of casual cafes in Kuala Lumpur. The latest outlet is at Marc Residences, a stone's throw away from KLCC.

It was my first visit there after reading many good reviews about the place. The modern and predominently white theme is very pleasing to the eye. There is a long communal table at the centre of the main dining area, and other smaller groups of tables dotted around. 

The cafe has 3 main seating areas, a casual lounge at the entrance, dining area in the centre, and an al-fresco area outside next to the road. The most striking thing about the decor are the white bird cages hanging all round. 

To start off I ordered the Thai Pomelo Salad with Roast Duck. It came in an impressive presentation platter - and the portion was huge ! The Thai dressing was light and refreshing - not too spicy. The sweetness of the pomelo and the savoury duck meat resulted in a really tasty combination.

For the mains I ordered the Signature Delicious Burger. This again came in an impressive presentation, with green salad and chips on the side - together with a homemade tomato sauce. Sadly the beef patty was a bit tasteless - possibly has been sitting in the freezer for too long. The chips also were a disappointment - not crunchy enough and not much flavour either. The tomato sauce was nice though, and made the burger a bit more palatable. 

For dessert I ordered the famous Banofee Pie. This was a banana pie topped with cream cheese. It was delicious - living up to the name of the outlet ! The banana filling was nice and not too sweet, with a bit of caramel sauce. The cream cheese topping rounded off the overall taste very well.

Except for the burger which was disappointing, the dining experience at Delicious was quite pleasant. This is a place which serves nice simple food in a nice setting. Definitely recommended. 


Tan.wiratchada said…
Good Afternoon,

Again with great job. I see modern place with healthy Thai dish as a pomelo salad. Thank you for sharing this. We are going for work soon Malaysia.

Best Regards,
Anonymous said…
Try their caesar salad with chunky parmesan shavings. And their ice blended watermelon lychee is superb. Nice atmosphere too. Their sumptuous cake counter is worth paying a decadent desert visit.

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