Bangkok - Central World

Like most major Asian cities, Bangkok is a shopping paradise. There are countless shopping centres, from the most high-end to bargain-hunting grounds. In fact at night, whole streets are transformed into street markets selling t-shirts, souvenirs, dvds, fake watches, etc.

Central World is one of the latest shopping experience in Bangkok, reopening in 2006 after extensive renovations. It is now the biggest shopping complex in Southeast Asia, with over 550,000 sq. m. of floor space.

Once you enter the building, you could be anywhere in the world. Globalization has homogenized the shopping experience to the extent that most people in the world are going after the same branded stuff. This can get depressing when you are travelling, as your expectation for a unique experience is drowned out by multi-national corporations trying to make a buck. 

Architecturally the building is quite interesting, with a diamond-shaped curved glass skin covering over the old building facing Soi Sukhumvit - the main street. The extensive use of glass on the facade gives it an expensive modern look, but I kept thinking about the amount of tropical heat that must be getting into the building.

The interior of the shopping centre - you could be anywhere in the world.

There is a huge gourmet supermarket in Central World that must be a heaven sent for Bangkok foodies. I know if I live in Bangkok, this would be my second home !


Tan.wiratchada said…
Good shoot and what next??
Have you been scarly Bangkok news? I not get much news about BKK. so sad here no internet connection. The hotel are local chanel no english news :(
Borneoboy said…
Hi Tan. I've been reading about the protests in Bangkok. Hope it is over soon. I pity the ppl who are stranded at the airport, with no food, no drinks, etc.

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