Kuching Coffee - Bing Coffee Company

Bing Coffee Company was one of the earliest expresso cafes to open in Kuching. Before that, to get your expresso fix you had to go to one of the hotel cafes, and the coffee is usually not very good. Bing serves Illy coffee, which is supposed to taste the same everywhere around the world. I actually prefer Lavazza coffee which I think has a richer coffee taste. To me Illy is a bit like coffee with the coffee taste surgically reduced. I know I am stepping on a lot of toes here !

Bing has a really nice interior. Like Bla Bla Bla, it is one of the more stylish places in Kuching. The design is modern without being bland, and there are some nice Asian touches. This is definitely a great place to hang out with friends over a cuppa. Besides the drinks, they also serve cakes and light sandwiches. 

Bing is located along Padungan Road.

View from Padungan Road.

The stylish interior.

The Banoffee Cake is one of the best cakes here. It has layers of caramelized bananas, sponge cake and a cream cheese topping. 

Great with the coffee. Wish they would serve Lavazza though !


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said…
there's this one nice dining place i know, behind prudential [i cant remember the name, hurmm] serves good dishes and the interior is well done, affordable, and definitely cosy..should try and check it out. i'll get the name in a bit
esmond said…
is bing! coffee or bing coffee Sdn Bhd,
no more company
Thanks for the entry

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