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There are a number of interesting buildings and structures in Brisbane. One of these is the tallest building in Brisbane - the Aurora. This is a 69-storey residential tower with more then 400 apartments.

Another interesting tower in Brisbane is the Riparian Plaza. It is the 2nd tallest building in Brisbane, with 53 floors. This is a mixed-use building with offices at the lower levels and penthouse apartments on top. The architect is Harry Seidler, one of the leading architects in Australia.

Brisbane Square is one of the latest developments in Brisbane. It is a 38-storey commercial tower with retail space at the lower levels. What is interesting about this somewhat boxy building is the articulation of the tower into 3 distinct sections - a horizontal base, a rectangular tower section, and a glass box on top which is slightly cantilevered from the main tower. This building was designed by Denton Cocker Marshall, a leading Australian architecture firm.

Queen Street Mall is the main shopping street in Brisbane. It has a very structurally complex canopy which shelters the mall from the elements. From certain angles it looks like a bird about to take flight.

While wondering around the city, I came accross this really stunning structure, an extended canopy to an old church. This was the most beautiful structure I saw in Brisbane. It is again a very light and bird-like structure. Brisbane seems to have a fetish for birds !


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