Eating in Kuching - Bla Bla Bla at Tabuan Road

Bla Bla Bla is one of the more stylish restaurants in Kuching. Located in Tabuan Road, closer to the Wayang Street end, it occupies a 2-storey old shophouse facing the famous St. Mary Girls' School. Bla Bla Bla serves fusion Chinese food - mostly familiar dishes given a new twist by the chef. The decor if a big part of the attraction. Done in a modern Balinese style, it features koi ponds, Buddha statues and lots of nice artworks.

The main dining section is at the back of the shophouse - an extend hut with retractable roof. On days with good weather, the roof can be pulled back to open to the sky. This is a really pleasant dining area - relaxed and cosy.

I've been to Bla Bla Bla a few times. The food hasn't changed much - I guess they don't want to mess with success. There are a few signature items, but the rest of the menu is quite similar to what you get at most Chinese restaurants.

One of the most popular items is the Midin Salad. Midin is a local jungle fern - apparently found only in Sarawak. This is blanched lightly - still crunchy, and tossed with a lime, chili and onion dressing. It is really nice.

Midin doesn't travel well, so you won't find it easily outside Sarawak.

The Coffee Chicken is another signature dish. It is basically boxing chicken, but instead of a sweet and sour sauce it is finished with a coffee sauce. The coffee sauce has an interesting, slightly bitter taste. However, the chicken could use with a bit more marination - cause when you bite in it is a bit bland. This dish comes with a nice side salad.

Another signature dish is the Buttered Prawns. The prawns are deepfried in their shells and then finished with a butter sauce. The sweetness of the fresh prawns, together with the rich butter sauce, makes this one of the most successful dishes.

To round off the meal, we ordered the seafood noodles. This was quite typical, nothing to shout about.

The nice and cosy dining area.

The service bar at the entrance to the restaurant.

On the way to the dining area - careful with your steps and don't fall into the koi pond !


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