Bangkok Streets

Unlike some modern cities which can be too clean and organized to the point of sterility, Bangkok is like a living and breathing organism. It's streets are like veins coursing though with life. Orderly and chaotic, ugly and beautiful, big and small, rich and poor, new and old all exist side by side without any conscious attempts to accommodate, yet everything seems to work well enough.

Though Bangkok traffic is notorious for it's jams, for the pedestrian it is quite friendly. The sidewalks tend to become open and crowded markets at night, but during the day they are quite free of obstructions. Getting around is certainly not a problem, but be sure to bring a map as it is easy to get lost among the maze of streets. If you stay on the main streets though it is not so bad, but the fun is in exploring the hidden corners.

Many of the streets look ordinary during the day, but are transformed into hedonistic playgrounds for tourists and locals alike at night. There are no attempts to hide the vices from view, but somehow you don't have to see them if you don't want to. That is part of the magic of Bangkok.

While moving around the city, you can't avoid these elevated MRT tracks which are everywhere.

The famous Bangkok traffic.

Streets which look ordinary by day can change into something else at night.

New and old, big and small exist side by side.


Tan.wiratchada said…
Great posted good pictures.
Unfortunately cannot bring you to another side of Bangkok and there not easy for tourist to go into. There behide Bangkok.;)

Greeting fr Gemas, M'sia
Borneoboy said…
Hi Tan. I think Bangkok is one of the most interesting cities I have visited. I like the chaotic side of the city, makes you feel alive. The food is also great.

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