Brisbane - Waterfront

As the Brisbane River runs through the city, Brisbane is blessed with a very long and attractive waterfront. With careful planning over the years, this natural asset has been developed into a series of beautiful public spaces which are easily accessible by all, including the disabled.

The Brisbane Riverwalk is a series of waterfront walkways which connects over 20 km of parks, bridges and scenic lookouts along the river. This is probably the best part about the city. There are ferry services which connect various points along the river, making it easy to explore the vast areas along the riverbanks.

A section of the Riverwalk near the Riverlife Adventure Centre. Here you can hire bikes, kayaks, rollerblades and also take up other adventurous sports activities. There are a number of interesting pavillions dotted along this section of the walk. All have been designed with great attention to detail - some with fantasy elements, and others with fragments of Australian vernacular architecture. As the city is just accross the river, you also get nice views of the city skyline from here.


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