Bangkok 2011 - Lunch at Bangkapi

We were in the Bangkapi area - a Northern suburb in Bangkok, to look at a couple of projects, and the driver introduced us to this popular local hawker centre right along the main highway. It was lunch time and the place was quite full. At the front of the hawker centre there were piles of grilled chicken and smoked catfish waiting to be served. The staff were pretty proud of their handiwork - always a good sign.

The staff here are pretty proud of their product.

This is a place meant for the locals - there was not a tourist or farang in sight, mostly local office crowd and workers having their break. The prices are really cheap, but the food is surprisingly good !

Grilled chicken - this was really aromatic and tender.

Som tam - simple but refreshing.

Grilled catfish. Not really a lot of flavours. You need a lot of chili sauce to go with it, which is the point I think.

Lab Moo - minced pork salad. Really good !

BBQ pork salad. This was the best of the dishes. The pork was perfectly done and very tasty. The sweet and sour dressing balanced out the richness of the meat nicely.

There are many of these local hawker centres all over Bangkok, and the food quality is usually quite good as they serve mainly local patrons who expect a minimum standard. Try them out - you may be pleasantly surprised.


Butlerbythesea said…
Wow it looks great Bangkok food is awesome i think every one should have make a trip of Bangkok one in a year

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