Bangkok 2011 - Siam Square

Siam Square is one of the most interesting shopping districts in Bangkok. It is not a shopping mall, but rather an area with lots of cheap shophouses that have been appropriated by innovative retailers to sell their ware. It also benefits from the excellent location, being right next to Siam Centre, Ma Boon Kruang (MBK), and Siam Paragon - some of the most popular shopping centres in Bangkok.

View of Siam Square from MBK Shopping Centre.

Siam Square is a maze of shophouses and hundreds of little shops.

Being a collection of shophouses, the shops are free to create their own shopfronts and shopping experience. The scene here is very dynamic, and there is always something new for you to explore. It is also a popular hangout for the hip and trendy set in BK, so a great place for people watching.

Even Toyota has a concept showroom here where they showcase some of their latest technologies.


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