Kuching 2011 - Dinner at Simplicious

New dining venues keep cropping up in Kuching and for food lovers this is good news. One of the latest additions in town is called Simplicious. It is located in an old detached house with a fairly large compund. The venue and the concept is a great one, but the execution is sadly a bit lacking.

The house is double-storey, and the restaurant occupies the ground floor with private dining areas on the upper floor. The ground floor dining area is quite big and divided into 2 sections. Though the ceiling was a bit low, the space had great potential but unfortunately the renovation did not make the best use of it. The mix of modern and Nonya decor also did not go quite well together.

Like most other casual dining Western restaurants in town, the menu is a bit same-old same-old. You get the usual salads, pasta, steaks, lamb chops, etc. We ordered a Wild Mushroom Salad, Seafood Pasta and Prawn Alio Olio.

The Wild Mushroom Salad was quite disappointing. Expecting a salad full of mushrooms, it was instead a green salad with Ceasar dressing and just a few strips of mushroom.

The Seafood Pasta was a bit better, but they put the cheese on top which should have been served on the side. We do not like cheese on seafood pastas and would have preferred to be given the choice.

The Alio Olio was the best of all the dishes - nicely cooked pasta, fresh prawns, squid and mussels with some chili for heat. Simple and nice - but many restuarants do mess this up and I'm glad they didn't.

The food at Simplicious is a bit hit or miss. Maybe they are still finding their footing, being quite new. I hope they do something about the decor because it is a place with lots of promise.


Adeline said…
is there anyway for me to contact them?

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