Kuching 2011 - Lunch at Tom's

Tom's is a Western restaurant that has been around for quite a while, and is still very popular. The are located along Padungan Road, one of the oldest parts of Kuching town. Their specialties are steaks and pasta. Dinner here can be quite expensive. A better option is the lunch. Their lunch menu is concise but offer much better value.

One of our family favourites is their garlic bread. Essentially a soft bun split halfway, spread with garlic-herd butter and toasted. The slight crunchiness and rich butter and garlic taste is a winning formula in our books.

There are not many choices for kids - Teriyaki Chicken with Rice being one of the few kid-friendly offerings on the menu.

The missus' favourite is their Beef Bolognese - which is one of the better versions in town.

I opted for the Wagyu Beef Burger - the beef pattie was beefy and quite flavourful. What it needed was a homemade mustard sauce or an aioli - instead of the bottled chili sauce being offered.

Tom's is justifiably famous for their cakes - especially the chocolate cakes which are usually rich, moist and delicious. On this occasion though the cake was a bit stale.

If you like good steaks and pasta, Tom's is the place to go in Kuching. Be prepared to pay for what you get though.


We still haven't gone. I remember walking in one night and thinking, "it smells nice." But we saw the prices, and thought better of it.

Even the cakes in the display were uninspiring.

Have you tried the garlic bread at My Restaurant? It's the bomb. 7 ringgit per loaf is kinda steep though.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. Go for lunch. Its much better value. Haven't been to My Restaurant for a long time. Must go back.

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