Kuching Hidden Gem - Jangkar Waterfall in Lundu

Kuching is full of surprises waiting to be discovered. One case in point is Jangkar Waterfall. I hadn’t even heard of the place before it was pointed out to me by travel buddies from Penang. They were coming to Kuching for a short visit, and asked weather if I knew of the place. After some Googling, I found out that it was actually in Lundu, and quite spectacular in the photos. I offered to take them there.

Jangkar Waterfall is off Kampung Jantan, which is along the road to Kampung Biawak. If you are going from Kuching - take the bypass after you reach Lundu and go towards Sematan Beach. Before long you will reach a junction on the left taking you to Jalan Biawak. After a short stretch of tar sealed road, you will reach a long section which is unsealed and under constructions. Locals were driving around in their Kancils, but I would advise that you take a 4WD.

Look out for the turning to Kampung Jantan which is on the right. Once you reach the kampung, look for local guides to take you to the waterfall. We found 2 young boys sitting at the pondok and asked if they would take ask. They asked for RM 60 and I agreed.

The trek up to the waterfall goes through some kampung backyards and local farms. The journey takes around 45 min. It was not too difficult, though there were some stretches with a bit of a climb.

There are some nice scenic spots along the way.

Once you arrive at the waterfall, it is all worth it. This is simply the most spectacular waterfall I have seen in Sarawak.

The waterfall has several levels. The highest level is the most spectacular.

By the time we got back to the kampung, it was pouring. By sheer luck we had avoided the torrential rain.

Lundu is about 1 hour drive from Kuching. From Lundu, it is another half hour to 45 min to reach Kampung Jantan. You will need a good full day to make the trip. We did it in half a day, but it was a bit of a rush. By the time we got back to town, it was around 7.30 p.m. and just in time for dinner !


Anonymous said…
hye admin..
me n frens planned to explore jangkar very2 soon..
may know how to contact tour guide..
it is very pleasure if u can pass their number to me...
my e mail riezal.udin@gmail.com
Cutebun said…
Awesome. I always wanted to go but no contact. huhu
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