Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor somehow has a grip on me - I can’t seem to resist visiting it every time I’m in KL. This is one of the most popular eating spots for tourists and locals alike, and the number of customers they serve every night is amazing. If you are looking for top class ambiance and gourmet food then this is not for you. Jalan Alor is about the chaos, sights and sound of the street, and good - sometimes great street food.

Consistency is not the hallmark here. The chefs helming the kitchens change so often that it is difficult to know which place is the best. Just take your chances, look for the ones with lots of customers, and you probably won’t go wrong.

This famous fruit stall at the upper end of Jalan Alor is a great place to load up on some fresh fruits before or after a heavy meal. This durian stall is easily the most popular in KL - many tourists have their first taste of the strange fruit here.

A Japanese couple with their guide - probably trying out their first durian.


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