Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Lunch at Favola

Favola is the new fine dining Italian restaurant at Le Meridien KL. It occupies the space that used to be Al Nafourah - the middle eastern restaurant where I had several really nice meals. The space has been completely transformed - now it looks like a Venetian palace with beautiful frescos on the wall and white-washed timber ceiling.

The menu is very extensive and would take quite some time to go digest. Since I did not have much time, I decided to go for the set lunch which costs RM 80++ for 3 courses. There are several choices for appetizer, 2 choices for main course and 3 choices for dessert.

Before the meal, a nice selection of bread with 3 accompaniments were served. There were 2 types of bread sticks, a ciabata and a pumpkin bread. The dips were guacamole, smoked tomato and balsamic vinegar with olive oil. The breads and dips were really good and I was in danger of filling up just on these alone.

For the appetizer I opted for the selection from the crudo bar. I think I made the right choice. There were generous servings of 4 items. Pumpkin Crostini, Crab and Apple Salad, Lamb Sausage and Mushroom Salad and Beef Carpacio. All were excellent, except the crab meat wasn't as fresh and sweet as it could be - a common problem in hotel restaurants.

Crab and Apple Salad.

Beef Carpaccio.

Lamb Sausage and Mushroom Salad.

Pumpkin Crostini.

There was even a 5th complimentary appetizer - grilled tomato with cheese which was really delicious.

The main course unfortunately wasn’t as exciting as the appetizer. The name of the dish was really enticing - Roasted South African Hake Fish with Cannelonni Beans and Porcini Mushroom Ragout. The fish was salty and lacked flavour. The white beans and wild mushroom saute was however really good. Loved the mushroom flavours.

For dessert again you have a couple of choices from the menu, or you can select from the crudo bar. I decided to try several items from the bar - an orange meringue, dark cherry and chocolate cake, dark cherry trifle and profiteroles. The orange merange was really nice - strong fresh taste of orange, married with the sweetness of the meringue - a great dessert. The chocolate cake was very rich and moist.

The impressive crudo bar with selections of salads and desserts.

The Favola Set Lunch is great value. You really get your money's worth, and all to a very high standard. Favola is definitely a welcome addition to the KL Italian food scene.


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