Chinese New Year Cookbook Giveaway Winners

I've finally made my decision, and here are the Winners of the 2010 Chinese New Year Cookbook Giveaway.

First Winner is Tim Sedaris from California. He is not a Blogger but an avid traveler. Here is his entry:

Eating Balut in Manila

My most interesting food experience has got to be eating balut in Manila. Last year me and a bunch of friends visited Manila for the first time. We kept seeing people selling what looked like hard-boiled eggs on the roadside, and the locals seem to like it very much and told me it’s an aphrodisiac. Upon closer examination, it was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life – the egg actually has a half-hatched chicken or duck fetus inside !

On a dare from my friends, I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a go. I pinched my nose, closed my eyes and took a big bite into the foul-looking thing. And…… it was not as bad as I had expected ! It tasted like duck mixed with hard-boiled eggs. The parts which freaked me out were the feathers, bones and even a half-formed beak. I managed to eat the whole thing, but its not something I would try again for a very long time ! Here's a link to a great article on the balut eating experience. It's not for the faint hearted !

The second Winner is Kuching Blogger Irene Law of Sweet Surrender. Here's her entry about her 2 hour wait for donuts:

Big Apple Madness !

Congratulations guys, and thanks for all the entries.


Irene said…
WOW! Only two winners? Thanks! Going to use the book to try to cook something hehehe...

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