Chiang Mai Saturday Night Bazaar

If you have the time, head to the Saturday Night Bazaar at Wualai Road. Unlike the Night Bazaar which is open every evening, the Saturday Night Bazaar is only open on Saturdays. It is located at the South-Western Corner of Chiang Mai City. To me the Saturday Night Bazaar is more interesting then the Night Bazaar, as it is geared more to the locals. Instead of endless souvenirs, you get stalls selling many different types of products - traditional clothing, handicrafts, silver ware, jewelry, musical instruments, etc. Occasionally you will see actual craftsman producing their work right in front of your eyes.

The crowd at Saturday Night Bazaar.

A craftsman making decorative tin panels.

Traditional music instruments. You can even get a live demonstration.

Along the way, you will also come across local musicians playing traditional music.

Plenty of food stalls at the Saturday Bazaar.

Overall, the Saturday Bazaar is a lot more colourful and authentic then the Night Bazaar. The crowd can get really thick, so be prepared to squeeze your way through.


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