Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - Yaang Come Village

Chiang Mai has an amazing range of hotels and resorts, from the most affordable to the most high-end - you name it and they've got it. As its my usual habit to visit the hotels and resorts in the places I travel, I visited quite a few in Chiang Mai. Yaang Come Village Hotel and Resort was not actually on my list. I came across it by accident. It appeared quite interesting, so I went in for a closer look.

This is a small boutique hotel which is built in a modernized version of the Lanna Style - the traditional Northern Thai architecture that was prevalent in the early days of Chiang Mai. The accommodation are in 2-storey "houses" which are scattered in a landscaped garden.

Lanna Style accommodation in a tropical garden setting.

The small swimming pool surrounded by lush landscape.

A quiet outdoor dining area next to the pool.

Yaang Come Village looks like a charming little boutique hotel which is tucked in a quiet corner of Chiang Mai. It is not lacking in local character, and the staff are very friendly. Worth checking out.


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