Chiang Mai Umbrella Factory

Did you know Chiang Mai or "Bo Sang" Umbrellas are actually made with mulberry paper ? The paper is made from mulberry tree bark in the factories using a traditionally process, and these are then transformed into colourful umbrellas. In the village of Bo Sang - about 10 kms from Chiang Mai, you will find many of these umbrella factories and a visit should definitely be in your itinerary. The best time to visit is in January during the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival.

Colourful Bo Sang umbrellas are a unique icon of Chiang Mai. The frames are made from bamboo, and then covered over with either mulberry paper, or silk for the more deluxe version. The skill and patience involved in the making of these beautiful objects are amazing. Buy some to support the craft, and they also make great home decors and gifts.

You can see how mulberry paper is made using traditional methods.

Making the frame in bamboo.

The raw umbrellas being put out to dry.

Beautiful designs are then applied.

The shop. They sell more then just umbrellas.


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