Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - U Chiang Mai Resort

U Chiang Mai Resort is another unexpected discovery on this trip. It is located right along Ratchadamnoen Road in the town centre. The entrance is very understated - just a break in the wall along the street. Once you pass through this opening you are in the reception which is a space open on 3 sides - very tropical. The reception is surrounded by lush landscape, and you have a clear view to the main pool which is just next to the reception - an unusual arrangement which is probably a result of the very compact site.

The design of the resort is kind of Tropical Modern - a style that is common in Thai and Balinese resorts. Here, it is quite tastefully done - not overly ornate, quite well finished and the proportions are nicely judged. The arrangement of the accommodation blocks gives it a village feel, and provide full privacy from the street and surrounding properties.

The entrance from Ratchadamnoen Road.

The reception area.

The accommodation blocks.

U Chiang Mai is another stylish resort within the old town centre. The rates are not cheap, but for comfort and convenience it can't be beat.


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