Chiang Mai Hotels & Resorts - Mo Rooms Boutique Hotel

If Le Corbusier (renown French Modernist architect) were to design a boutique hotel, it would probably look like this. Mo Rooms is one of the most unusual boutique hotels I have come across. Uncompromising in its design vision, the hotel is finished entirely in bare concrete. Rooms are stacked on top of each other in an irregular pattern, creating interesting cave-like spaces which meander toward the roof-top terraces.

The hotel is located on Tha Phae road, not far from Tha Phae Gate. From the street front, it looks quite ordinary. A small cafe at street level serves as the reception. The rooms are in a 3-storey block at at the back. You go through a narrow alley way, and enter into a modernist fantasy world.

The small cafe and lobby. Very stylish.

After passing through a narrow alley, you are faced with this jacuzzi pool. Doesn't it look like a James Bond set ?

The Brutalist forms of the accommodation block.

If you are looking for unique accommodation in Chiang Mai, Mo Rooms would be the perfect choice. The room rates are not cheap, but you are paying for the originality and the experience. This is definitely not plain vanilla stuff.


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