Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

One of the big attractions in Chiang Mai is the Night Bazaar. Located along Chan Klan Road, it stretches between Tha Phae Road and Sri Donchai Road. It is within easy walking distance from the town centre.

Not as interesting as the night bazaars in Bangkok, it is nevertheless worth a visit to see what Chiang Mai has to offer in terms of souvenirs and handicrafts. There are lots of stalls selling t-shirts, wood carvings, tourist trinkets, handbags, etc. Personally I find the antique shops most interesting. The wood carvers in Chiang Mai are quite skillful, and you can find some really beautiful wooden artifacts here.

There are a number of antique shops where you can get very nice wooden artifacts. Prices are very reasonable, but you do need to bargain to get the best deal. 

Besides roadside stalls, there are also several open-air shopping arcades where the goods are a bit more up-market.

At the night bazaar, you are bound to run into these Akha ladies selling small souvenirs. They can be very persuasive.

If you are really rushed for time, you could probably give the Night Bazaar a miss. It is more for shopping junkies, and there are better things to do in Chiang Mai.


Aiesha said…
Anytime I read a travel piece I am ready to book a ticket. I'm such a sucker for any cultural experience. Sounds amazing! I've done Europe, much of Asia, and North Africa. Hands down my favorite trip was a food and wine tour to Tuscany. Really had the time of my life and it's like every local is there to help you enjoy. Next trip you should check it out.

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