Chiang Mai Hill Tribe Tour - Part II

The Karens originate from Southern China, Tibet and Burma. Numbering around 400,000, they are one of the largest Hill Tribe groups in Thailand. They used to live mainly in bamboo houses raised on stilts - with their livestocks like chicken, pigs and buffalos living underneath. Nowadays due to hygienic concerns, the livestocks are mainly kept outside or in separate huts. Their main source of living is still agriculture.

Visiting the Karen village is not unlike visiting some of the native villages back in Sarawak. Amid the simple traditional homes, you see signs of modernity poking out here and there - like electricity poles and satellite dishes. It is good to see that the people - though not rich by any standard, seem to be having a comfortable life.

The houses - though simple, provide plenty of shade and ventilation.

Livestocks are very much a part of the village life.


Oh I do remember visiting one of these villages on the way to white river rafting in Chiangmai!

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