Oya Old Town

Oya is a small coastal town about 18 km from Mukah - around 20 min drive time. The road from Mukah to Oya is excellent, so it is quite a pleasant scenic ride. 

In many ways Oya is the typical Sarawakian old town - 2 rows of shophouses facing each other, next to a river. These old towns were mostly settlements set up by Chinese traders, so there is usually a Chinese Temple nearby.

Oya used to be an important trading post, but today it has lost that prominence due to improved road networks and river transport. The old town is an interesting place to visit, as time seems to slow down to a crawl here.

The approach to Oya Old Town, with the council building on the right.

The Chinese Temple facing the river.

A view of the Oya River.

The wharf which used to be bustling with activities.

The old shophouses, probably haven't changed much since they were built.

Most of the shops have these varendah seats at the front.

Life is pretty unhurried here. It is not unusual for local folks to sit for hours at the varendahs.


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