Dalat - Another Riverine Town

Dalat is about 20 km from Oya, therefore around 40 km from Mukah. Like Oya, it is a riverine town depending very much on the river for transport, although nowadays the road system provide a convenient alternative. I was told that Dalat used to be very much like Oya, a couple of rows of wooden shophouses next to the river. The wooden shophouses were burnt down some years ago, and have been replaced by modern concrete and brick structures. It has lost it's old world charm, but I guess you can't complain against progress.

The new town centre. There is even a just-completed new Town Square.

A view of the river. The whole Dalat waterfront is being redeveloped.

The old Chinese Temple next to the river have been completed rebuilt into a shining new building.

These floating petrol stations are where the boats get their tanks filled.


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