Mukah Bazaar

I chanced upon this bazaar at one end of Mukah Town while I was wondering around looking for a place to eat. Bazaars are my favourite places as you get to see the locals out doing their shopping, and from what they sell at the bazaar you get a glimpse into the lives and culture of the people.

Gold chains, anyone ?

Rubber toys seem to be very popular at the moment. They look colourful and lovely.

Daddy, which one should I pick ? Reminds me of my own little boy.

I don't think these are from Mukah, looking at the condition of the beach. They are most likely from Sabah.

There were several stalls selling traditional remedies. Some are quite effective, but most are just "Snake Oil". 

Caps seem to be very popular here. At the back the gentleman was putting some finishing touches on jewelries for the girls.


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