Mukah - Wet Market

On a recent trip to Mukah, I decided to check out the Wet Market. It is located at the side of the Mukah River, in the older part of town. By the time I got there it was already late morning. The main fish market had closed, but there were still some stalls outside prying their business.

What they had on sale didn't look too impressive. I've been told that most of the good catch in Mukah gets shipped out directly to customers in the bigger towns. Mukah itself only gets the left-overs. Such are the woes and twisted logic of modern commerce, and it is ironic that the price for fish can be higher in Mukah then in other parts of Sarawak !

The Mukah Wet Market.

The fish market had already closed.

The stalls outside.

These are fresh river prawns. They are great for barbeque or cooked in curry.

These are "Ikan Terubok", a popular local fish found at the river mouth. They are best served steamed with a bit of ginger. The meat is sweet and delicate, but full of small bones and you have to be very careful when eating it.

Baby white pomfrets. Usually pan-fried or deep-fried. There's not much meat, but they are quite tasty.

These look like baby sharks.

An old man preparing "Umai" - raw fish which are sliced and packed in plastic containers ready to be taken home for dinner.


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