Mukah - A Fishy Lunch

While in Mukah I was invited to a VIP Lunch which consisted of only fish dishes. It was a delicious lunch, as the fish were all very fresh and expertly cooked. When cooking fish, less is more and in Mukah they know this very well.

The ubiquitous "Umai", served with chili, onions, salted vegetables, and ginger.

Smoked mackerels.

White pomfret cooked with a local melon which is sourish in taste.

Fishhead cooked in sambal.

Prawn cakes grilled in a leaf parcel. Very delicious.

"Kembong" fish, a local fish similar to mackerel panfried with some light spicy seasoning.

Steamed whole fish served cold with a chili dipping sauce.

Mixed vegetables with baby prawns.

It was indeed a privilege to have enjoyed this all fish lunch. I am really looking forward to the next opportunity - perhaps the next Kaul Festival ?


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