Mukah Kampungs

While Mukah Town is growing very fast with many new houses being built over the last few years, most of the residents here live in the nearby kampungs. Due to necessity and convenience, the kampungs are usually located next to rivers and tributories. 

This house is actually built over the padi fields. Very convenient and practical.

A local kindergarten.

A new kampung house being built. Kampung houses are usually built by local carpenters, often with the help of the owner and neighbours through what is called a "Gotong Royong" - neighbours-help-neighbours system. 

A house with multi-coloured roofing. The owner has turned a necessity into a virtue - using what is available in the market and probably saving some money in the process.

A board-walk towards a common jetty. The river is still the main means of getting around.

The common jetties are important social meeting points for the local population.


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