Mukah Kaul Festival - Melanau Food

Being a coastal community, Melanau food is largely based on bounties from the sea. They are blessed with very good catch both from the sea and rivers, and Mukah is rightly famous for it's seafood. One of the most famous Mukah dish is "Umai", raw fish prepared with ginger, chili and lime juice. For raw fish aficianados, this is simplicity at it's best - just the freshest ingredient seasoned very sparingly to preserve the natural flavours.

As you visit different stalls at the Kaul bazaar, you will be offered all kinds of Melanau dishes to try, and all free of charge ! The generosity of the Melanau spirit really shines through here. Here is a spread being offered at one of the stalls.

A typical Melanau meal consists of rice with smoked, dried and preserved seafood. There are also cooked dishes such as curry and vegetables. 

A selection of dried and smoked seafood snacks.

Different types of preserved seafood - shrimps, anchovies and on the left - "chinchalok" or baby shrimps in chili and lime juice - very appetizing !

Smoked fish are very popular with the Melanaus. They are very tasty served with a bit of chili sauce or sambal.

A selection of local kuehs. 


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