Eating In Kuching - Dinner at Hilton Steak House

A bunch of our friends take turn hosting a dinner once a year and our most recent was at the Hilton Steak House. This used to be the only fine-dining establishment in town, but in the past few years Kuching has seen many new additions offering more choices for a special night out. However, the Steak House is still favoured for it's ambience, food and service.

The Dinner Menu. There were choices for appetizers, main course and dessert.

Dinner started with an amuse bouche. Don't know what it was - some kind of mini-sausage topped with a citrus and apple salad. It was yummy and I wished I could ask for more.

The bread was served in it's own baking tin - four different types baked side-by-side. A really nice presentation. The bread was served with butter, tomato salsa and garlic confit.

For the starter I chose the French Onion Soup. This was quite standard.

For main course I chose the Beef Tenderlion. The beef was good, but the sauce tasted a bit like roast-duck sauce and spoilt it for me. They could have served the sauce on the side. 

The choices for dessert all looked interesting, and the presentation was impressive. This was Choco Choco - chocolate pudding with ice cream and berry compote.

This was the Apple Crumble with Lemon Grass Ice Cream.

I had the Triple Cheese Memory which was 3 slices of different cheesecakes topped with ice cream. The ice cream were good, but sadly the cheesecakes were all too crumbly and not creamy as it should be. 

In terms of presentation and service, the Hilton Steak House still has the chops. However, some weird flavour pairings and the lacklustre dessert kept it from being the great dinner experience that it should have been.


k0k s3n w4i said…
amuse-bouche literally means "mouth-amuser" in french. it's basically a small bite-sized hors d'oeuvre

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