Hong Kong - The Peak

One of the must visit places in Hong Kong is The Peak, which is Victoria Peak at the western end of Hong Kong Island. It is normally seen as the backdrop to the CBD area, but it's worth making a trip up the hill to get a panoramic view of Hong Kong. 

The easiest way to visit The Peak is using the tram which travels at an incline up the hillside. You get good views along the way. You can also use a taxi or the bus service - but these are a bit more troublesome.

The view from up there is spectacular !

The famous view of Hong Kong from the peak.

The Peak Tower - also the upper station of the tram service. There is also a shopping centre and restaurants in this complex.

The tram tracks run along the steep hillside, offering some nice views along the way.

Residential properties on The Peak are among the most exclusive and expensive on the island. 


Cecil Lee said…
Great you have the chance to visit The Peak of HK. Nice view! It seems a bit misty to me. Is it haze or mist?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Cecil. Happy New Year ! It was a bit hazy that day.
Anonymous said…
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Frank Polenose said…
Wow - great pictures. A place I have always wanted to visit - one day I hope to.
Frank @ http://www.lifeinsuranceapplication.co.uk

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