Chinese New Year Goodies - Part II

Kek Lapis - layered cakes are another Malay influence. These have become so popular that they are synonymous with Chinese New Year. The typical cake has between 10 to 15 layers. The layers are baked individually, so it is a long and tedious process. There are many flavours to choose from - traditional which is cinnamon scented, prune, cheese, mint, yam, orange, etc. 

Kek Lapis have been taken to another level in terms of presentation in these rolls. The cakes have been cut and reassembled to form these intricate rolls. 

Mandarin oranges are another must-have for CNY. They symbolize peace and harmony.

Crunchy snacks.

Fish and prawn crackers. 

Kueh Sepit Gulung - a rolled snack similar to love letters. These are flavoured with cononut milk. 

Roasted and rolled cuttlefish. These are very popular during CNY and are eaten with a sweet chili sauce.


Tangled Noodle said…
The kek lapis are incredible works of art - they look like kaleidoscopes! And the kueh sepit gulung remind me of barquillos in the Philippines (except the ones you have pictured have a pattern on them). I hope to visit Malaysia someday!
Borneoboy said…
Hi. There are lots more goodies in here. U should come for a visit.
u noe what, i first thought the layer cakes were ladies purses! eheh..
Borneoboy said…
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Ethan Smith said…
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