Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Quick Lunch

During a recent visit to KL I was planning to have a nice lunch somewhere, but the time was so tight I ended up in a fast food restaurant at KL Sentral. The place is called Rasamas, a chain of restaurants operated by KFC Holdings - the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Malaysia. Unlike KFC, the emphasis here is on roasted chicken - definitely a healthier alternative.

I have tried their chicken porridge before and liked it, so decided to order that again. I also ordered the crispy drummets, which are actually wings deepfried in a spicy batter.

The chicken porridge wasn't what I expected. It was very watery, and the taste was quite artificial - totally unlike the last time I tried. As I was hungry, I finished it anyway. The wings were better, crispy and quite tasty. I was thinking they would have been perfect with a sweet Thai chili sauce, but they only had a standard chili sauce.

I've tried their roasted chicken before and they are not bad. Should avoid the porridge next time.


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