Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Dinner at Latest Recipe

KL hotels are all trying to outdo each other in their buffet dinner offerings, and Latest Recipe at Le Meridien Hotel is no exception. As the main food outlet of the hotel, it is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. serving breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. The last time I wanted to try out the restaurant, I was turned away as it was fully booked. It was that popular !

This time, the restaurant was not that busy even though it was a Saturday night. The restaurant is tastefully decorated in a mixture of classical and contemporary style. On one side are the buffet stations featuring different types of cuisine. There are Indian, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Western sections. 

I've heard raves about Latest Recipe, but was frankly a bit disappointed as many of the dishes did not look so great, especially at the Chinese and Malay sections. The dessert section was also a bit lacklustre. I decided to start off with my perennial favourite - the fresh seafood section with prawns, mussels and oysters. 

Chinese section with noodle soups and dim sum.

The dessert section.

An impressive chocolate fountain. I usually avoid it.

On the whole, I found the pasta section to be the best. You get a choice of different types of pasta, freshly cooked in any way you like. I chose the squid ink fettucine cooked in garlic, beef salami, chili and olive oil. It was really good ! 

Next I ordered a tortellini cooked in a creamy cheese sauce with seafood. This was also very good, but feankly I was a bit too full at this point.

Latest Recipe - though quite good, can't match some of the best buffets in town. Go for the pasta and Indian dishes and you should be quite happy.


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