Hong Kong at Night

Some parts of Hong Kong comes alive only at night. This is especially so in Kowloon - across the harbour from Hong Kong island. Some of the streets are closed to traffic for the night markets. The most popular stretch is called Temple Street Market which has stalls selling all sorts of things from DVDs, clothing, fashion accessories, luggage, etc. There are even fortune tellers and Chinese Opera singers. It is worth a visit just to see the crowd and the street lights, but this is not a good place to shop as the goods are priced to trap the uninitiated. Be prepared to drive a hard bargain or you may be ripped off. Another market worth a visit is the Ladies Market which specializes in women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics, etc.

When you visit, do take care of your wallets and valuables as it can get really crowded. Some people are known to have lost their stuff to pickpockets.

Stalls in Ladies Market. 

When you get hungry, there are lots of food outlets to whet your appetite.


Cecil Lee said…
Brilliant night photos with beautiful lighting and colour rendering. It looks like our Petaling Street in K.L., except that P.S. is famous for counterfeit products :( not sure about Temple street and lady street.

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