Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Lunch at Little Penang Kafe

I was in Kuala Lumpur recently to attend a conference, and was looking for a place to have a quick bite. Since I was staying near KLCC, I decided to look around in the Suria Shopping Mall. I have noticed Little Penang Kafe before but never tried it. My previous experience with chain stores selling Penang food have been disappointing. Since I was running out of time, I decided to give it a try. 

Little Penang Kafe is located at the top floor of the shopping mall where there are lots of other eating outlets. The decor is quite simple, a bit of old kopitiam touch here and there and that's about it. The menu has most of the typical Penang hawker dishes. I decided to order the Aromatic Five-Spice Chicken set which came with chicken stewed in dark soy sauce, asam prawns, ju hu char which is turnip stir-fried with carrots and strips of dried squid, and plain rice. It was really good ! The chicken was tender and flavourful, the five-spice taste just right and not too overpowering. The asam prawn was very appetizing and not too spicy, and the ju hu char made it a balanced meal. 

For dessert I ordered the Ice Kacang which was also very nice. This is an iced dessert with a mixture of sweet corn, red beans, sea coconut in coconut milk and sweetened with palm sugar syrup. Delicious !


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