Chinese New Year Goodies - Part I

Like the Malays during Hari Raya, the Chinese also have their Open House during Chinese New Year. Friends and relatives visit each other during the 15 days CNY celebrations to offer blessings and good wishes for the year. The hosts will serve a large variety of CNY goodies to the guests. 

There are many different types of CNY goodies nowadays, especially in Malaysia where the multi-cultural influence means that besides traditional Chinese goodies - Malay, Indian and other sweet treats are also served. 

You can't get away from Nian Kao - CNY cake. This is usually not eaten as it is, but is sliced and deepfried with a batter, or just pan-fried. They are really sweet and sticky.

Another must-have for CNY - sweet preserved fruits. Each item has a different auspicious meaning - some will bring peace and harmony, others health, and some - prosperity.

Cookies are more of a Malay influence. There are hundreds of varieties. 

Another CNY favourite - Bak Kua, dried sweet pork or chicken slices. These have been vacuum packed for longer storage.


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