Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Gobo Upstairs

Gobo Upstairs is a grill and lounge at Traders Hotel, one of the new kids in town. It specializes in grilled meat and pasta. The restaurant is located above the main coffee house called Gobo Chit-Chat - which explains the name. 

The design of the restaurant is contemporary with some nice unique touches. The overall feel is open, sophiscated yet not too snotty. Located near KLCC, you also get good views of the Twin Towers and KLCC Park.

The menu is not that extensive - a few soups, salads and appetizers. The mains section was more comprehensive featuring fish, beef, lamb, scallops, and several pasta. Dessert section was concise. Sometimes a small menu is better then an exhaustive one, provided all the items are good. Since it was my first time at Gobo I had no idea, so decided to go the safe path. 

I ordered mushroom soup and the 200 days Australian Black Angus Sirloin Steak. The mushroom soup was above average - nice earthy, complex flavour. The sirloin steak was sensational !I ordered it medium rare - it was tender, juicy and flavourful. One of the best steaks I've had in KL. The presentation was simple but nice, the fresh micro-greens topping the steak was cute.

By the way, the crusty bread served before the meal was no slouch. It had bits of olive and herb, and came with truffle butter. Really yummy !

After the mains, time for dessert. I opted for the chocolate berry pudding. The presentation was very nice, it was a trio of the pudding, ice cream and berries in a sweet cream sauce. The texture of the pudding was more like a cake - not very good. Luckily the ice cream and berries made up for it.

The highlight of the dinner was definitely the steak. The nice ambience and great service made for a really enjoyable evening.


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