Amsterdam 2013 - Small Talk Eating House

The area around the Museumplein is one of the most upscale neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. There are lots of nice houses in perfectly manicured gardens, and here you will also find many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. We bumped into a nice cafe called the Small Talk Eating House. It is the sort of cafe I really like - with a slightly quirky interior, lots of character, many interesting nooks and cranny to explore, and lots of different seating corners for loners, couples or small groups.

Since it was still quite cold outside, we decided to stay for a while waiting for the sun to come up. I ordered a cappuccino which they served with some really interesting sugar crystals that were good enough to eat on their own.

 The apple pie was really nice with a generous filling of apple and raisins and a light crumbly crust.

This is a great place to enjoy a cuppa before or after you visit the museums. I really recommend that you seek it out - it is just opposite the Stedelijk Museum. 


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