Amsterdam 2013 - Dinner at Die Port Van Cleve Restaurant

Die Port Van Cleve is a hotel that is right in the heart of Old Amsterdam. It is a handsome looking heritage building with a lot of character, though we didn't stay there. We had dinner at the namesake restaurant on the ground floor.

The decor of the hotel had a vintage old world charm. It looked straight out of a movie set. With such a nice setting, our expectations for the dinner were very high. Unfortunately this being part of the tour dinners, the standard was a bit lower then we had hoped. Still it was not too bad.

The appetizer was a simple cheese with tomato and pesto sauce. This being Amsterdam, the cheese was delicious. Wish there was more.

The main course was a Turkey Roll with Potato Gratin. I am not a big fan of turkey as it tends to be dry, but this was actually quite tender and flavourful. A good surprise.

Dessert was a disappointment - a very simple and unexciting chocolate cake roll with cream.

Looking at the ambiance of the restaurant and reading other reviews online, Die Port Van Cleve is capable of coming up with much better food. Would definitely go back and give their normal menu a try given the opportunity.


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