Amsterdam 2013 - Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Besides cheese Holland is also famous for tulips, so it is only fitting that there is also a Tulip Museum in Amsterdam, and it is right beside the Cheese Museum. I am sure you have heard of Tulip Mania - an episode during the 16th century when prices for tulips went sky high due to speculation. When the tulip bubble eventually popped - it almost ruined the Dutch economy. The Tulip Mania is still considered as one of the first economic bubbles ever recorded. 

Like the Cheese Museum - the Tulip Museum is also quite small. Unlike the Cheese Museum which is essentially a shop - the Tulip Museum actually has a museum exhibit which you have to pay to visit. As I didn't have time, I only did a bit of browsing in the shop. You can see some really beautiful and exotic tulips in the shop.


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