Amsterdam 2013 - IAMSTERAM

If you walk around Amsterdam enough, you are bound to run into the IAMSTERDAM sign. It seems to be everywhere. We first saw it when we visited the EYE Film Institute, and now it just popped up at the Museumplein. Turns out that it is just one sign which they truck around the city for different occasions. 

The sign being trucked onto the Museumplein and assembled.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city - in fact one of the most photogenic cities I have visited. The people are friendly and seem to be very happy. The food is great - and if you like spicy they even have some of the best Indonesian food outside of Indonesia. It is to me one of the best cities in Europe to visit for a nice relaxing holiday.

For my next post I will be moving on to Belgium - so it is "toht zeens" for now to Amsterdam.


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