Amsterdam 2013 - Amsterdam Cheese Museum

The Dutch produce some of the most popular cheeses in the World - including Edam and Gouda. According to the official Holland Site, the Netherlands produces about 650 million kilos of cheese every year, about two-thirds of which is exported - making it one of the biggest cheese exporters in the World. It is no wonder that you see cheese everywhere in Holland.

One of the must-visits in Amsterdam would be the Cheese Museum. Though it is quite small - about the size of a standard shophouse, it packs an incredible number of cheeses inside. The best thing is you can sample many of the cheeses before deciding which one to buy. Furthermore, the prices are some of the best we’ve seen in Amsterdam, and many are vacuum-packed so you can bring them back home after a long trip. Otherwise, you may find the beautiful cheese covered with mold and fungus by the time you get back.

Whatever your likings, you will be sure to find something to suit your palate here.


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