Hong Kong 2010 - Tomorrowland

There are 4 main themed lands in Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Adventureland. There is also a new indoor attraction called It's A Small World. Of these, Fantasyland is more for the kids - with attractions based on Disney cartoon characters. Tomorrowland is more futuristic and boasts the Space Mountain roller coaster ride. Adventureland has Tarzan's Treehouse and a riverboat ride, and It's A Small World is an indoor water boat ride featuring miniature dolls from all over the world, including some cartoon and fantasy characters.

Here are some pictures from Tomorrowland.

Space Mountain - quite a thrilling roller coaster ride in the dark. Certain parts you feel like you are falling through space.

The Muppet Mobile Lab - an animatronic entertainment unit which moves around the Park.

Astro Blaster is one of the attractions here based on the Toy Story franchise. Basically you sit in little buggies and shoot at the targets and each other. The kids really enjoyed this and wanted to go back for more.


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