Bali 2010 - Alila Villas Soori

Another resort that was on top of my must-see list is Alila Villas Soori. This resort was designed by another Singapore based architect - SCDA. Based on Google Maps - the resort is not that far from Tanah Lot. However when you actually drive on the ground, it was much further due to the small country road which winds in and out through the rice fields and villages. It actually took around 30 min to get there from Tanah Lot.

Like Alila Uluwatu, this is a luxury villa resort with all villa accommodation. With only over 40 villas, the resort faces the Indian Ocean and sits in a beautiful natural landscape setting. Some of the villas are actually owned by private owners and managed by the resort. We were told there are quite a few owners from China - the source of unlimited wealth nowadays.

The design of the resort takes the cue from the Tropical Modern Style of which SCDA was one of the pioneers. The lobby is completely open plan, perched on a hill and offers a spectacular view of the ocean. From here you walk down to the villas through perfectly manicured gardens and footpaths.

From the outside, the villas look deceptively simple - all straight line and boxy forms. Inside, the design is also simple, understated and tastefully decorated. The star of any Balinese villa is of course the private pool, and here at Alila Soori you will not be disappointed. The villas have some of the most beautiful private pools I’ve seen, especially the units on the upper floor.

Inside the villas. Great ocean views.

The rates are a little bit cheaper then Alila Uluwatu - starting at USD 510. Definitely worth the money if you can afford it. I am waiting for my winning lottery !


AppLe said…
nice place..
love it..^^
Borneoboy said…
Yes it is a very beautiful resort. Wish I could stay there ! Still waiting for my winning lottery !
I agree that is very nice place. Having a villa near the beach is my dream. It is so amazing to live beside the beach and feel the wind that comes from the ocean. Such a very peaceful place to be.
I have been surfing the net searching for great properties. I noticed that there are lots of amazing properties that can be found in Bali. I think I should visit that place.
Really some amazing clicks
Would surely visit this place once, when I will visit next.
Thanks a lot for this article
Sing dong said…
Yes, it is a very nice beautiful resort.
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